José Luis Vecilla Camazón has studied law specializing in commercial law by vocation. He has always liked the law applied to the business sector, which makes him love his profession and exercise it with passion, providing a significant competitive advantage.

José Luis Vecilla Camazón is passionate about his work and has always strived for excellence in the practice of his profession, valuable assets that you can appreciate from the first moment of his  intervention, generating security and confidence from those clients who José Luis Vecilla Camazón establishes a professional relationship with.


José Luis Vecilla Camazón obtained his Law degree from the University of Valladolid and has a high level of specialization in Commercial Law. He also has a Master in advanced legal studies specializing in market regulation and business law. He has taken an upper course in Corporate Law and in Legal Corporate Counselling as well as an Anglo-American Law Course.

He has also lectured in courses, seminars and conferences which provides certain social skills at the level of communication in professional matters.


Specialisation is one of José Luis Vecilla Camazón greater professional skills, becoming an indispensable principle of his professional law firm. His commitment to specialization represents a differential factor against his main competitors as well as with a high level of English and basic in Chinese.

The main areas Jose Luis Vecilla Camazon’s specialization  are in Corporate Law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Financing and National and International Contracting.

One of the peculiarities of José Luis Vecilla Camazón is his ability to direct multidisciplinary teams made up of specialists in commercial, labour, tax, civil and criminal law, providing technical and professional resources according to the needs of each project.


José Luis Vecilla Camazón has served his profession as a Senior Associate and Head of Team of the Garrigues Valladolid commercial department for more than 15 years. His main functions in this international reference law firm was legal counselling to public and private companies of Castilla y León, as well as to the regional administration.

He has counselled and coordinated multidisciplinary teams in numerous operations in the pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, real estate, development services and distribution sectors.